We provide lighting services and centerpieces to provide your event and venue with aethetics elements which are cost-effective and widely appealing. 
What do we do?
MW Event Lighting provides cost-effective lighting services and centerpiece solutions for a wide variety of events - typically weddings, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs - providing hosts with services which either complement other aesthetic elements such as flowers or baloons or eliminate the need for such elements.
Our clients delight in how we can transform a venue - perhaps one which is drab or old or boring in appearance - to a site which is exciting and elegant, always with our clients' budget in mind.
Centerpieces -especially floral - can be costly; ours are elegant and less expensive.
Many of our clients, with a strict budget in mind, choose venues which are not overly aesthetically appealing. We typically, using a variety of innovative lighting techniques, work to transform the space into a venue which is exciting and interesting.  
All of our lighting equipment is wireless so that your guests will not be bothered by unseemly cables.  Our units are sound activated and - should the event call for it - can create a environment which can best be decribed as "clubby".  All of our units are controlled via remote control,  making alternations easy.